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In search of Narnia we created NARVIA in POLAND

Narvia is really adventure land prepared for active tourism… Second part of “The Chronicles of Narnia” was moved on Podlasie region (Poland) at the Narev river – Siemianówka City…


Polish Folk Art

Polish folk art is absolutely amazing – takes so much time, skills, patience! Just take a look at this masterpiece- paper cut outs. Gorgeous!


I have been interested in ART for my whole like – my family plays instruments, go to the opera, theatre, and to galleries on regular basis. Instead of the radio, I was exposed to classical music from early years, went to gymnastics class, took additional drawing classes etc. Art and music were everywhere and had great impact on my life.

I had little opportunity to get to know about Polish folk Art, though. Till 2010, when I started to work for a company situated in “The Green Lungs” of Poland – north-east part, where there are mainly landscape parks and nature reserves. It made it possible to preserve traditional way of living along with folk culture. These rural parts are pure, natural, many things are handmade, tradition is very important so ocassions are celebrated in old ways. You can feel as if you went back in time!

Internet and games are not main entertainment there, but you can sit and …make paper cut outs (wycinanki) like the one above. All you need is a pair of big scissors, colourful paper, imagination and lots of patience. Then, these masterpieses are used to decorate (glued to cards, framed to become pictures, or hand on a christmas tree).

The people who make cut outs teach their children so that the tradition stays alive through generations. BUT you can also learn how to do it! I help organising individual trips to Poland, including workshops od different kind- cut outs are there as well. By the way, while being there you can also learn how to bake bread, make herbal tincture or knit.

Want to give it a try? Why not sharing photos of your cut outs: together with your feedback?.

Need more info? Please contact us for more details.

Have an inspiring weekend,



Certificate for The Chronicles of Narvia – the best of Polish tourist product 2011

Certificate for The Chronicles of Narvia - the best of Polish tourist product 2011


The best of MAZOVIA tourist product 2011

The best of MAZOVIA tourist product 2011

The Chronicles of Narwia – the best of tourist product of Mazovia (Poland)


Narvia Travel’s offer is for…

Narvia Travel's offer is for...

Narvia Land is located in the River Narew Basin in the North-East of Poland as well as Lithuania. These are very attractive Natural regions. You can find offer for individual tourists in different standards: VIP, FAMILY, TRIP, ie for those who like kayaks, boats, ships, bicycles, balloons, fishing, SPA, waking, folklore art, birdwatching and zoo safari, history travel, car travelling and many others. Now, we extend our offer and similar trips will be organised in the UK.
Welcome to Narvia. Visit Narvia and write own adventure story!


III Spotkanie Networkingowe Bradford

III Spotkanie Networkingowe Bradford

Polish Business House Wakefield – organizer

WHO are you? WHAT are you loking for?

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