Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,

We hoped to meet you all in Hilton Manchester Deansgate on 28th and 29th January at Yorkshire Investment & Tourism Expo. However, due to quite a few requests from companies and organizations that would like to join the event as well as some other reasons beyond our control, we had to pospone the event. It wasn’t an easy decision for us to change the date, but as we do intend to meet your expectations regarding the first event in Northern England of such kind, we believe you will understand us and find the new date convenient.

We can only say that either this, or any other exhibition will not make any sense without you all: Exhibitors and Visitors. So, the wider range of useful services and interesting brands’ offer is presented, the more attractive and helpful subjects of conferences one can find, the more satisfied you may be. We are also happy to tell you that the number of partners as well as companies and organizations that want to be involved in promoting this event still grows.

We would like to thank you for your kind words and suggestions. We will take it into account, especially if it concerns the subjects of conferences. Many of you have confirmed that topics we’d like to touch on conferences are important for you, especially British tools for starting and developing business are still an undiscovered area for Central European immigrants – we’d like to change it. Take a New Direction and let your business grow. Let’s meet in Manchester Expo in September.

Yours faithfully,

Narvia Tourist Info Centre Team


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