The Chronicles of Narvia i UK


Narvia Tourist Info Centre is a Polish-English tourist information post. The name derives from the Narev river (Narew pl.) in north-eastern Poland. Backwaters of Narev and richness of landscape and national landscape parks of the region became the inspiration for the allusions to the fairy tale land of NARNIA, perfectly imaged in the books and the film “The Chronicles of Narnia”.


This is how “The Chronicles of Narvia” and NARVIA land came into existence (divided into small geographical and cultural lands: Podlasie, Masuria, Kurpie, Mazovia, Lithuanian Borderland). It is a tourist product, aim of which was to enable these areas for active individuals.

 Years after, “The Chronicles of Narvia” united the tourism industry of the cross-border region (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine) in the Narev River Basin Partnership (established in 2008 in Novgorod city), whose leader and founder was Mr. Mariusz Staniurski, then-The Chairman of local tourist organization of Lomza Land and owner of a creative travel agency created in Lomza, 2008, the first tourist information centre,, coordinating Suppliers of Attrctions from the land of the Narev. “The Chronicles of Narvia” is a new model of networking of Polish tourism companies, based on a network of tourist information and system of commission created by Mariusz Staniurski.

 English post, Narvia Tourist Info Centre, is formed as a result of the implementation of the Export Development Plan “The Chronicles of Narvia” to the foreign markets. Quick study of the English market shows that in the UK there is also a need to coordinate Suppliers of Attractions in terms of lowering prices and increasing the availability of activities for the moderately wealthy client…



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